Management and leadership; tell me how?

Management and leadership; tell me how?

Unfortunately there is no exact formula to achieve effective leadership. As your business grows, you will also grow and evolve as a manager and leader. That is part of the practice. Leadership is an art, not a science. Whereas management is considered a bit of both. Pharmacy, unlike other clinical environments, has a constant flow of customers coming through the door without notice. You never know who you are going to get, and what they need. We hear you; it’s exhausting! You already have so much to do, and there is already a million things on your plate. So where should you start with turning theory into practice? If there is anything you should take away from this it is that people are your business. You business depends on people in a variety of ways; customers, staff, advisors, suppliers and the list goes on. The most successful businesses are built by the team, not the owner. Your team is the […]

Why Social Media? The beginners guide for small business.

We get it, there are a million things to do in a day, who has the time, to think about social media? If you are running a small business, it is essential to have a social media base to expand. Social media is the cheapest, furthest reaching and most engaging way of gaining customer support, loyalty and boosting business visibility. If your business has little to no social media presence, 2021 is the time to change that. Everything you need to run your social media effectively now fits into your pocket. If the pandemic changed anything in consumer behavior, it has presented an upward trend of shopping local. Small business has a time to shine and it is time to take up that opportunity. Social media is an important part of your marketing toolkit and should not be overlooked. If you are new to Social Media, here are some simple steps to boost your social media game. Choosing your PlatformsFirstly, […]

How to Put People Problems in the Past

How easy your working life would be if the only person you had to manage was yourself! Small business owners and managers rate people problems as one of the biggest challenges they face. What if you could free up hours of your time each week to run the business instead of running after employees? If you’re frequently battling staff issues, the good news is, you have the fix at your fingertips. Leadership Versus Management – What’s the Difference?The single biggest cause of stress for managers and staff alike, is misunderstanding the difference between leadership and management. That sounds like simply a semantics issue, but it goes way beyond that. The two terms are used inter-changeably and that is the root cause of most people problems. Many managers manage when they should be leading and often don’t lead at all because they think management is leadership. It’s quite unfortunate that we use the term “manager” in the first place, because if […]