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Health professionals should be the leaders in the provision of health information. We will provide you with content that is reliable, evidence based, practical and accessible from your website.

Consumers are often overloaded with content in a variety of formats and from multiple channels, frequently driven by social media and potentially unverifiable internet sites. This means that the information may be false or misleading and can lead to significant harm.

At HIA, we review all clinical content on an annual basis and whenever significant clinical changes occur, so that it remains best practice. Any changes immediately flow through automatically at no additional charge.

Pharmacy Group

Annual subscription – AUD $5,000 ex GST

✓ Group branded online Health Information Brochures, on your website
(via an API as a RSS Feed, frame embed, or WordPress plugin)

✓ Health topics available in both English and Mandarin

✓ QR coded shelf talkers linked to your webpages’ Health Information Brochures – topic specific*

✓ Health Information Boards for your pharmacies*

✓ HIA newsletter ‘Thrive in Pharmacy’ full of practical tips and guidance for your pharmacies

* There may be additional costs associated with your pharmacy members receiving QR coded shelf talkers and Health Information Boards, depending upon the number of members in your group.


As a HIA member

  • All content is uniquely branded to your pharmacy group.
  • QR coded shelf talkers provide evidence of your pharmacies’ commitment to QC2020 2.4.1 – The pharmacy’s policy for providing health information to consumers for OTC health matters.
  • Dealing with HIA is easy because we understand pharmacy.
  • All clinical content is written by pharmacists who are professional writers, is peer reviewed and is evidence-based, practical and relevant.

Example – Capital Chemist website
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Example – HIA website

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