Cold Sores

Health Information The initial sign of an emerging cold sore is a tingling, itching or burning feeling occurring on the lip, nose or cheek area. A small red bump appears after about one or two days, which turns into several tiny fluid-filled blisters. If the blisters burst, the fluid that oozes out is highly contagious. Symptoms of cold sores can last up to a week.

Bites and stings

Health Information Australia has a variety of tropical marine and land creatures that can cause serious bites and stings. Although it is always best to seek medical advice where possible, it is also helpful to know some first-aid techniques that help. Bites can be from snakes, mosquitoes, midges (sandflies), spiders, ticks, or a variety of other insects. Stings can be caused by bees, wasps and marine creatures like shell or jellyfish.